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Fable begins well.  The prologue hints at an exciting world of mages and warriors and an impending battle for control of Djenrye.  Attacking warriors disrupt the peace of a quiet night, and Raynok, the last Guardian, and his wife, Carlynn, are forced to flee for their lives.

Then, splatt!  We suddenly find ourselves eighteen years later in the everyday world of the present day with a bunch of not-always-serious teenagers centering on a young lady named Stevie.  She comes home from school to find herself alone in the house.  Her dog alerts her to someone outside in the trees with blue-glowing eyes like flashlights.  Then she receives a call that her mother has been attacked by somebody at work and is in the hospital.  You begin to think horror movie material.

That night, Stevie dreamt again of running through the woods, but this time there was no fear, no pursuit. The mysterious man ran with her. It felt right with him at her side, as though this was how it should be.

Lisa Fender. Fable book 1 of The Lorn Prophecy (Kindle Locations 1192-1194). Djen-Works LLC. Kindle Edition.

It takes about half the book to get back around to where you really have a good idea just what all this has to do with the scene in the prologue. Initially, there is a lot of anxiety about love triangles between Stevie, her best friend Jack, and Colton, the guy from Djenrye with the blue-flashlight eyes. Also, there is drama with Stevie’s mom, and with two police officers who are investigating the attack on Stevie’s mom and who can’t be allowed to find out the truth.

“No, my Guardian. Our world, Djenrye, is parallel to this one, not on a separate planet. I believe the Hundye, human, word is ‘dimension’. The worlds exist together, but remain unseen by the other. Crossing from Djenrye to Terra-hun is accomplished through a portal.”

Lisa Fender. Fable book 1 of The Lorn Prophecy (Kindle Locations 2075-2077). Djen-Works LLC. Kindle Edition.

Once everybody is in on the secret, after all, things begin to get interesting again as Colton explains how Stevie, whose real name turns out to by Shylae, is actually the daughter of Raynok and Carlynn and is now the new Guardian.  It appears that the Rebels from eighteen years earlier are now making a renewed attack.  There is a magical artifact they want to retrieve.  They also want to retrieve Stevie and use her blood for some kind of magical ritual that will destroy both Djenrye and Terra-Hun, which is the world as we know it.

Evidently, we are being set up for a long journey and at least one other book, as nothing is really resolved by the end of this one.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Cover image from Goodreads.

Title:                     Fable

                              Book I of the Lorn Prophecy

Author:                Lisa Fender and Toni Burns

Publisher:            Djen-Works LLC

Copyright:           2013     

Format:                Kindle Edition

Genre:                  Fantasy/ New Adult and College

ASIN:                    B00CTN50P6     

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