Book Review – List Book – Such a Pretty Pretty Girl by Winston Groom

My Rating -  Fourstar

This book opens with a feeling vaguely reminiscent of the movie, Chinatown, only instead of hiring a private detective to do her investigating for her, the pretty girl in the case entrusts her secrets to a former lover who is now a Hollywood screenwriter.

Delia Jamison gives Johnny Lightfoot a list of former lovers she thinks may be trying to blackmail her. He agrees to try to talk to them to see if he can figure out which one might be the culprit.  As he works his way through the list, he finds that nearly every man on it harbors hurt feelings, and many of them make no secret of the ill will they bear her.  He discovers that more than one of these men were seeing Delia at the time he was dating her himself, and several others had periods of involvement with her that overlapped with each other.

Johnny has an interesting way of describing things. Certain characters or situations are reminiscent of certain actors in certain scenes of certain old movies, or certain situations are like certain scenes of other movies.  This saves a lot of boring description, but the downside is that the references are not very useful if you haven’t seen the movies.

The ending is sort of a surprise, particularly in that neither Johnny nor Delia’s current husband, after going to all the trouble to find the blackmailer and save her life, wind up with her.

I hate hate hate that so many of these audiobooks are abridged and don’t say up front that they are abridged. Maybe, in this case, that’s not such a great loss, but just think how many old movie references might have been cut out of this!  So, I’m docking it a star for not saying it was abridged.


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Title:                     Such a Pretty Pretty Girl

Author:                Winston Groom     

Publisher:            Random House Audio    

Format:                Audiobook

Genre:                  Mystery              

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