Book Review – New Book – Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer

My Rating - Fivestar

Turning to the egg, Matica said, ‘You’ll hatch on my birthday. I know that now. It’s in ten days, so please make yourself ready. Yes, you will.’

Sedlmayer, Gigi. Talon, Come Fly with Me (p. 114). Aurora House. Kindle Edition.

An engaging children’s book that tells the story of a very small girl who befriends a pair of condors, helps them save their egg from poachers, and helps raise the baby condor.

Matica is undersized due to a growth hormone problem. Because of this the Indians in her village in Peru think she is unlucky and ignore her.  She wishes for friends, and her wishes come true when she manages to make friends with a pair of condors.  After she and her father help save their egg from poachers and the condors begin to visit the village to check on their egg, the villagers change their attitude.

Because Matica’s parents are missionaries, there are some religious overtones to the book, but they are not oppressive and don’t get in the way of the story.

‘Dad, it might work,’ she said almost smugly. ‘It would be the only logical thing to do.’ She was looking at him now. ‘Tamo should give me his egg to raise their chick.’

Sedlmayer, Gigi. Talon, Come Fly with Me (p. 15). Aurora House. Kindle Edition.

The story is aimed at young readers and would be appropriate, depending on a particular child’s reading ability, for children anywhere from late second grade to probably early fifth grade or so.


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Title:                     Talon, Come Fly with Me

                              Book One of Talon Series                            

Author:                Gigi Sedlmayer

Publisher:            Aurora House    

Copyright:           2013     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Children’s books             

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