Book Review – Other Kindle Book – Sleepy Hollow: Rise Headless and Ride by Richard Gleaves

My Rating - Fivestar

Where to start?

I totally loved this book. First of all, it has the best title ever.  So I decided it would be a good book to read for Halloween.  And boy was it ever!

We always jump, you know. People can’t help it. They yell Geronimo, they kiss the girl on the stoop. They step onstage, into the ring, onto the dance floor, into battle. They chip away stone to find the treasure in the tomb. They risk curses and dark magic and failure and fraud. They risk life, and jump.

We just can’t, can’t, help it.

Gleaves, Richard. SLEEPY HOLLOW: Rise Headless and Ride (Jason Crane Book 1) (p. 58). Turtlebug Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The writing is absolutely stellar.  Despite how scary parts of it are, other parts are really funny - totally in keeping with the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  And the plot is mind-boggling, particularly for a book that is based on another book. There are so many layers here. There is Washington Irving’s original Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which is actually included as an appendix in the book.  There is the town of Sleepy Hollow, which apparently used to be known as North Tarrytown but changed its name after its General Motors plant shut down to generate a tourist industry (based on the Legend) so the people would have something to do.  And boy, do they go all out with their Legend promoting, especially at Halloween!  All you haunted house fans need to pay attention to how they do this one, as it sounds like it is outstanding.

Jason batted Martinez’s hand away. Heads turned to stare at him, mouths open. Jason’s opened too. He flexed his fingers as his arm dropped back to his side. What just happened? Was his hand suicidal? Was it ready to end it all, and determined to take the rest of him with it?

Gleaves, Richard. SLEEPY HOLLOW: Rise Headless and Ride (Jason Crane Book 1) (p. 74). Turtlebug Publishing. Kindle Edition.

But in the middle of all this, there is something else going on.  Our main character, Jason Crane, is the most recent descendant of Ichabod Crane.  His grandmother searches out and hooks him up with the most recent descendants of Abraham Van Brunt aka Brom Bones, Hadewych Van Brunt and his son Zef.  But it turns out that Hadewych, for all his seeming friendliness, has seriously misled Jason’s grandmother, and plans on using Jason’s status as a direct descendant of the Cranes to promote his own fortune at the expense of everybody else.  In the process, he wakes the original Headless Horseman, who apparently hasn’t been sleeping too quietly anyway.

Cover image from Goodreads.

Title:                     Sleepy Hollow: Rise Headless and Ride

                              Book One of the Jason Crane Series                        

Author:                Richard Gleaves

Publisher:            Turtlebug Publishing       

Copyright:           2014     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Horror/Classics

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