Book Review – New Book – Obsidian Son by Shayne Silvers

My Rating - Fourstar

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Obsidian Son is an urban fantasy thriller. It is also very much a man’s type of fantasy.

I had once been told that my eyes were like twin emeralds pitted against the golden tufts of my hair — a face like a jewelry box. Of course that was after I had filled the woman with copious amounts of wine.

Shayne Silvers. Obsidian Son (Kindle Locations 38-40). Argento Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The story involves lots of high-end cars driven at high speeds as often as possible, an astounding collection of incredibly beautiful women (many of them are dragons in disguise), exotic hotels, clubs, and mansions, legendary creatures, vast sums of money, and a nearly irresistible flow of Wizardly power. As I said, definitely a guy-type fantasy.

Nate is not above being scared by his opponents from time to time, and he occasionally takes a hit or a tumble, but he never seems to be in real danger for very long. The affinity of Nate and his friends for the famous comic-book characters is entirely appropriate.

I love the description of Plato’s Cave, the bookstore Nate has created for himself to be separate from his parents’ business. I could live there myself, as long as those dragons would stay away. And I would probably have something other than a video game emporium in the back.

Books were not merely books, at least not always. I’ve cracked a deadly spine once or twice in my day.

Shayne Silvers. Obsidian Son (Kindle Locations 321-322). Argento Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The one thing in the book that actually bothered me (after deciding this was a guy fantasy, I didn’t stress too much about any of the other questionable aspects of the book) was the treatment of Officer Marlin. This tiny and beautiful but super-strong policewoman saves Nate’s life during one of the high-speed chases that also involves a dragon. On discovering that she is gifted with special powers, Nate and his werewolf best friend Gunnar invite her to join their supernatural crime fighting team. But when Nate’s power increases during one of their encounters with the super-bad dragon later that evening and he starts losing control and leaking power on her and Gunnar, her response is to start acting like a bimbo, although you get the impression that she would not normally be that way. What’s up with that? I am less bothered by all the other stunning beauties Nate encounters. After all, it seems that unless a woman is super-sexy, he almost doesn’t see her at all. And the female dragons are obviously meant to be using sex as a weapon.

The other officer, Officer Marlin, I presumed, stepped up next to me and wrapped a delicate arm under my shoulder in thanks, supporting my sudden dizziness. She was short, maybe 5’5, and stunning. Her straight, dark, almost black hair would have ended just below her breasts if it hadn’t been tied back. Her thin face was perfect for it, and her bright green eyes were fiery with a hidden power that I could only guess at, and were big enough to drown in.

Shayne Silvers. Obsidian Son (Kindle Locations 2113-2116). Argento Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The writing style is fairly sophisticated in general. I would have rated the book higher, except that I am less enthralled by guy-type urban fantasies.

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Title:                    Obsidian Son

                              Nate Temple Series                        

Author:                Shayne Silvers

Publisher:           Argento Publishing

Copyright:           2012

Format:               Kindle edition

Genre:                 Mythology & Folk Tales/ Fairy Tales

ASIN:                  B009NNHPIA

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    1. Thanks for the comment Cameron. I saw your review just before I wrote this one and thought a lot of the same things. Interestingly, I had an e-mail from Shayne Silvers after posting the review on Amazon, in which he says that in the next couple of books Nate Temple will lose some of the wealth and privilege he enjoys in this book, and the point of them will be to explore how he will be able to handle that. That point of view should be interesting.

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