Book Review – New Book – A River of Silence by Susan Clayton-Goldner

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Susan Clayton-Goldner is one of the consistently best writers I have discovered recently. Her Winston Radhauser mysteries are particularly good.

Skyler pounded his spoon on the metal tray of his high chair and screamed. He recently discovered he could let out a high-pitched sound. It irritated the heck out of Reggie. But Bryce could barely hear it, and the sparkle in Skyler’s dark eyes was so damn cute.

Clayton-Goldner, Susan. A River of Silence (Kindle Locations 442-443). Tirgearr Publishing.

In this novel, Radhauser has to solve the case of a deaf man accused of murdering a child who has been living with him – supposedly because the boy’s mother is planning to go back to her husband and take her children with her. Despite the bad day the accused man, Caleb Bryce, has just before the toddler’s death, you are pretty sure he didn’t do it. But the actual murderer is, as usual, not who you think it is.

“Tilly polished your black shoes and ironed some shirts. The tie belongs to an old boyfriend of mine, so it’s on loan. Don’t spill any caviar or red wine on it, okay?”

He raised his eyebrows. For some unexplainable reason, the fact that she called the tie man an old boyfriend made him happy. “What’s up with that? You break up and you get custody of his ties?”

Clayton-Goldner, Susan. A River of Silence (Kindle Locations 3838-3841). Tirgearr Publishing.

It takes Radhauser and his colleagues, the new public defender – Kendrick Huntington Palmer IV (Kendra) – and Kendra’s famous defense attorney father all working together to find the real murderer. Along the way, Radhauser and Bryce and even Kendra have to learn some lessons about forgiveness and letting go.

Thanks to the author for a free copy of this book for review.

Cover image from Goodreads.

Title:                     A River of Silence

Author:                Susan Clayton-Goldner

Publisher:            Tirgearr Publishing                         

Copyright:           2018     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/ Thrillers/ Crime                   

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