Book Review – List Book – Going on Being by Mark Epstein

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I frankly couldn’t tell if this audiobook was the abridged version or the full version. But it apparently didn’t matter too much either way. It appears to be primarily an essay on Mark Epstein’s journey to integrate his Buddhist practice with his career as a psychotherapist.

Epstein appears to practice some combination of Zen Buddhism and mindfulness meditation. He tells about his early forays into Buddhist meditation and the mentors who helped him to understand his practice.

He also talks about the theory of going on being, and how this relates to his view that psychotherapy needn’t necessarily focus only on fixing people’s problems, either by eliminating them or by “going deeper into” them. Sometimes it is enough just to understand the problem and to know that you can live with it.

I found this book on Scribd.

Cover image from Goodreads.

Title:                     Going on Being:

                              Buddhism and the Way of Change – A Positive Psychology for the West

Author:                Mark Epstein     

Narrator:             Mark Epstein     

Copyright:           2003                                                  

Publisher:            Macmillian Audio                                                        

Format:                Audiobook         

Genre:                  Biography & Memoir/ Religion & Spirituality                                      

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