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Enemies are in plentiful supply for Julius Heartstriker and his mage Marci in this book. They are forced to battle Vann Jeger, Algonquin’s dragon-slaying spirit, who wants a good fight with a serious dragon. It takes Julius, Marci, and Chelsie all working together to defeat him, and even then they almost don’t make it.

The words were still echoing when Estella opened her mouth, whiting out the whole room with her fire. Like all of her magic, it was freezing cold, an icy flame that consumed everything it touched, including Bob, who was standing right at its center, and Julius who’d gotten caught in the blast behind him. But then, just when Julius was certain he was dead and just hadn’t realized it yet, he noticed that, despite the blinding white fire blazing all around him, he wasn’t actually in pain. Likewise, Bob was still there, whole and unburned, standing in front of him with a pigeon on his shoulder and a Fang of the Heartstriker in his hands.

Aaron, Rachel. One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers Book 2) (p. 434). Aaron/Bach, LLC. Kindle Edition.

And then, Estella, the Northern Star, daughter of the Three Sisters, is out to get the entire Heartstriker clan. She has made an alliance with Algonquin (we finally get to see Algonquin at work in this book), sold her future, and I don’t know what all to be sure that she is able to wipe the entire clan, especially their seer, Brohomir, out.

 “You always do this,” he said, moving forward until he was standing right in front of her. “You always say you’re hurting us for our own good, but you’re not. It’s for your own good. All my life, I thought that if I could just live up to your expectations and be a good dragon, I’d be happy, but that’s a lie. No one in this family is happy, because even the dragons you value, you abuse and manipulate!”

Aaron, Rachel. One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers Book 2) (pp. 444-445). Aaron/Bach, LLC. Kindle Edition.

Julius has managed to get Estella back a bit of her future, but she does not choose to use it to make a fresh start. Then Julius has to deal with his mother.

“The Heartstrikers are one of the most hated clans in the world,” he said at last. “Mother claims that’s because we’re strong and the other clans envy us, but she’s wrong. We have enemies because she made them, and if we’re strong, it’s in spite of that. But has it ever occurred to any of you how much stronger we could be if we stopped making enemies and started making alliances?”

Aaron, Rachel. One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers Book 2) (pp. 447-448). Aaron/Bach, LLC. Kindle Edition.

Just when it looks like the Heartstrikers will be able to start over with a new approach to running a Dragon Clan, the Three Sisters awaken to take revenge for Estella. But their assumption, not without reason, is that Algonquin did her in, so they attack the DFZ. But Algonquin slices them in half in mid-air, then declares war on all dragons everywhere. It looks as though the end of another Dragon world is on its way.

I read from both the Audible audiobook and the Kindle edition of this book. In this case, they did not whisper-sync with each other.

Cover image from Goodreads.

Title:                     One Good Dragon Deserves Another

Author:                Rachel Aaron

Narrator:             Vikas Adam

Publisher:            Audible Studios              

Copyright:           2014                    

Format:                Audible Audiobook, Kindle edition

Genre:                  Fantasy

ASIN:                    B00YI6GPZ6                      

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