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Sometime this year, hopefully in the near future, I will be doing a makeover for the website. Also hopefully, I will have a preliminary version of the second edition of She Who Is Always Sick available to download for whoever would like a copy at that time. It still needs final editing and a cover, but I hope you will at least enjoy the story.

The year in review:


I wanted to take a little time to review my year in reading and compare what I actually read to what I hoped to read at the beginning of the year.

Looking back at my post for Looking Ahead at the end of January 2017, I find that I actually finished the books I wanted to read this year. Although I didn’t finish every series I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I did read The Dragon War, one trilogy of Daniel Arenson’s books about Requiem. I think this may have been the last, or one of the last, of the trilogies in this series, but no matter. It was very good, and I still have several others to read. I also discovered, among the books I read by request, Emily Martha Sorensen’s Dragon’s Egg series. This is a very cute alternative history series in which dragons turn out to be real. Although they were thought to be extinct, a large number of dragon eggs have been found that turn out to be alive. The dragons, even in their eggs, have telepathic abilities, and one of them chooses would-be paleontologist Rose and a total stranger, Henry, to be his parents. Their adventures trying to raise a baby dragon, whom Rose is determined will be treated as a person, are hilarious.

The other dragon series I have started began with Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron. I am loving this series too, and am currently listening to the second book, One Good Dragon Deserves Another.

I also successfully finished the Otherland series, thanks to audiobooks, and listened to The Sword of Shannara finally after so many years. I am interested to see what is next in this series, which looks to go on for books and books. I did finish the Icewind Dale trilogy in the legend of Drizzt series, and also got to Legacy the first book of the Legacy of the Drow series.

I have to take note of the books in the Nate Temple and Feathers and Fire series by Shayne Silvers that I have been reading on a read and review basis ever since the first one, Obsidian Son about the middle of last year. These books just keep getting wilder and wilder. If you are a fan of snark, you would like them.

In science fiction, I listened to Door into Summer, which I thought I had already read. But it turns out it must have been some other book. While the premise was similar, the story was not at all what I remembered. Some of the read-and-review books were science fiction. There were a couple from the Eric Olafson series, which, despite needing serious editing, were interesting enough that I had to get the box set of the whole series. And I found a steampunk series that was so good I had to get the whole series and read it (it helps that these were pretty short) – the Magnificent Devices series by Shelly Adina.

There was history – The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, and Millenium both covered portions of history that included some I am less familiar with.

I found two excellent Halloween books – Some Dark Holler by Luke Bauserman, and Sleepy Hollow: Bridge of Bones, by Richard Gleaves, the sequel to Sleepy Hollow: Rise Headless and Ride were both totally creepy. Also, Stephen King and Peter Straub’s Black House would be a good Halloween read.

There were a couple of good Christmas reads as well. After years of looking, I finally was able to get a copy of The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon. And there was The Snow Queen, a short little audiobook that was free from Audible a couple of years ago.

And, I almost forgot (how could I have forgotten) – I finally finished The Arabian Nights. I did quit after volume 13, but I read everything I wanted to read out of that book, and no longer have to look forward to/ dread it.

I will be back at the end of January with a post on looking forward to what I will be reading in 2018.

Here is a list of my reading stats that I have been sharing with my friends in the ROOT challenge group on Library Thing. These are the final totals for this year.


Reading Stats – 2017


150 of 80 Total Books

22 of 20 ROOTS

50 of 50 List Books

11 Library books

81 Kindle books

45 New Books (by request or otherwise)

25 Audible Audiobooks

0 e-book on Nook app

5 Audiobooks on Scribd

5 e-books on Scribd

2 books reread

2 books from Kindle Unlimited


What do you think?


So, what do you think? Would you like to see more posts similar to this one on this blog in the future?  If not, what would you rather talk about?  Please share your ideas in the comments.  Let me know what you think!




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