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This is pretty standard fare for a dragon shifter romance. There is an incredibly handsome man who is really a dragon shifter, one of a family of dragon shifters. The species or family or whatever name is Adeunian. Our handsome shifter is Aryan. His day job – or rather evidently night job, since he sleeps all day – is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter at an arena in Las Vegas. He frequently fights one of his brothers. Another brother manages a high-end nightclub there in Vegas.

From all over, monsters from man’s nightmares were slowly starting to crawl out of their hiding places, while humanity remained inattentive to their existence.

Loveleen, Joy. A Dragon's Lust: 7 Sins of a Dragon (A Dragon-Shifter Series) (Kindle Locations 244-245). Alchemusical Publishing Corp.. Kindle Edition.

There is a group of people called the Templars of Light who think the Adeunians are abominations. They are keeping watch on them with a view to ending them forever.

Alison is a waitress at the club Aryan’s brother manages. She is encumbered with a deadbeat boyfriend, Chris who, it later turns out is secretly a member of this Templars of Light group. Even more amazingly, it seems that Alison herself also belongs to the Templars of Light without knowing anything about them or shifter dragons or anything.

“If you think for one moment I will simply fall to my knees and let you do as you please you have another thing coming,” she ground out between clenched teeth. “I have clearly misjudged you.”

Loveleen, Joy. A Dragon's Lust: 7 Sins of a Dragon (A Dragon-Shifter Series) (Kindle Locations 933-934). Alchemusical Publishing Corp.. Kindle Edition.

Not quite sure of all of the details, but apparently Aryan is about to come of age or something. Anyway, his dragon is insisting he find a mate, and if he winds up with the wrong one, it will kill her or ruin her for life. His dragon likes Alison. And Alison is incredibly drawn to him. However, the one thing Aryan and Alison agree on throughout most of the book is that she is too spinelessly pathetic for him. However, when Chris crashes the club where she works and causes a scene, causing Aryan’s brother, Caleb, to fire Alison, she is forced into making changes that appear to set her on the road to a more assertive approach to life. Aryan’s dragon finally claims her – with nearly deadly consequences.

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Title:                     A Dragon’s Lust

                              Seven Sins of a Dragon                 

Author:                Joy Loveleen

Publisher:            Alchemusical Publishing

Copyright:           2017     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Fantasy/ Romance          

 ISBN:                   978-1-989009-00-0

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