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A good basic space opera story. This one reminds me, in many ways, of the books from the Eric Olafson series I have been reading lately.

The two stories might almost be from the same universe, but not quite. Perhaps they are from alternate visions of the same universe.

For one thing, Renegade Star appears to take place in a time closer to our own than the Eric Olafson books, which are set something like 3000 years into the future. The universe of Renegade Star appears to have its share of dangerous and lawless characters, but all of them that we meet here appear to be descendants of humans from Earth. There are (at least as yet) no truly strange non-human creatures, friendly or otherwise, on the near horizon.

“The Church of the Homeworld is more than just a fringe sect, Mr. Hughes. We’re a scientific organization devoted to a singular goal.”

“Which is?” I asked.

“The eventual discovery of the origin point of all Mankind,” said Fred. “The mythical lost world known as Earth.”

Chaney, JN. Renegade Star: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure (pp. 94-95). Variant Publications. Kindle Edition.

Also, in Renegade Star, the humans seem to have forgotten the way back to Earth in their wanderings. In the Eric Olafson universe, Earth (under the modish new name of Terra) is a major player in the United Stars of the Galaxies federation (or confederation, or whatever it was).

I made it a point to avoid Union space, whenever possible. I’d crossed the border when I had to, depending on the job, but there were always certain risks involved. Risks that generally outweighed the dangers of operating within the Deadlands.

Chaney, JN. Renegade Star: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure (p. 163). Variant Publications. Kindle Edition.

There is a Union in Renegade Star as well, but it is difficult to tell if it will turn out to be similar to the United Stars of the Galaxies. Both are technologically advanced, well-organized, and formidable military powers because of that. But Eric Olafson regarded his United Stars as a mainly benevolent institution, which he was proud to invite representatives of other civilizations to join. Whereas Jace Hughes, captain and crew, of the ship Renegade Star, a smuggler by profession, sees the Union of his time as somewhere between a major nuisance and a serious threat. Some of the difference could just be that the characters are seeing the big alliance from different sides – Eric Olafson is a member of the Union navy, while Jace Hughes is a genuine outlaw – and some could be a function of the different time frame. There were hints in Eric Olafson that the Union had had to overcome some of its own darker aspects over the years. Perhaps the Union Jace Hughes sees is still in that earlier phase of its existence. But their pursuit of a young girl, and their savage destruction of anything and anybody that stands in the way of their getting her cast serious doubts on their honorable intentions.

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Title:                     Renegade Star

                              Book 1 in the Renegade Star Series                                                       

Author:                J.N. Chaney

Publisher:            Variant Publications       

Copyright:           2017     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Science Fiction/ Space Opera     

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