Book Review – New Book – Help to Save Career Day by Tessa Tanda

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An activity book for early readers and pre-readers.

Hi, I am Paul. “Stop! Or I will make you wet…”

Tanda, Tessa, Help to Save Career Day, p. 25

It’s Career Day at school. The kids are supposed to explain to each other what their parents’ jobs are all about. Their parents have left props to help the kids with their explanations, but somebody has mixed the props up. They are able to find most of the things they need, but there is always a little something off. They have the wrong clothes, or the wrong tools, or are in the wrong places, or something. Readers are asked to find the correct things for each job.

The book is interactive. If you tap just right, there is hidden content that shows up. There are also some suggested other activities at the end of the book.

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Title:                     Help to Save Career Day               

Author:                Tessa Tanda

Publisher:            Tessa Tanda Children’s Books                   

Copyright:           2017     

Format:                Kindle edition

Genre:                  Children’s eBooks/ Action & Adventure/ Interactive Adventure

ASIN:                    B073YH5C1Q