Book Review – New Book – Bridge Daughter by Jim Nelson

My Rating - Fivestar

Of course we’re to take nothing and leave nothing behind, she thought. If we did, they might have to think of us as people and not just the soil for planting their seeds.

Nelson, Jim. Bridge Daughter (Kindle Locations 2594-2595). Kindle Press. Kindle Edition.

Bridge Daughter is the kind of book I might have written myself when I was thirteen, if I had been that good.

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Book Review – List Book –Violets are Blue by James Patterson

My Rating - Fivestar

“I stared at the slowly revolving corpse, and I didn’t have any answers. None at all. I felt drained myself.”

  • Patterson, James Violets are Blue, Warner Books inc., (p. 75)

From somewhere in the middle of the ongoing Alex Cross series of mysteries, Violets are Blue features tigers, vampires (or people who think they are vampires anyway), multiple murders (of course), and the omnipresent Mastermind, Cross’s nemesis through several books by this point.

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Book Review – Other Book – The Sorcerer’s Ring Bundle by Morgan Rice

“The greatest knight does not quest for riches or honor or fame or glory. The greatest knight takes the hardest quest of all: the quest to make yourself a better person. Every day you must strive to be better. Not just better than others – but better than yourself. You must quest to take up the cause of those lesser than yourself. You must defend those who cannot defend themselves. It is not a quest for the light-hearted. It is a quest of heroes.”

  • Rice, Morgan, The Sorcerer’s Ring Bundle, (A Quest of Heroes), ( p. 771) (e-book edition)

My Rating - Fivestar

This is a fine adventure with never a dull moment as it moves from book to book. I can’t wait to get into the next one.

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Book Review – List Book – Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal by Rachel Naomi Remen

“I have come to suspect that life itself may be a spiritual practice.”

  • Remen, Rachel Naomi Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal (p.288)

The theory of karma suggests that life itself is in its essential nature both educational and healing, that the innate wholeness underlying the personality of each of us is being evoked, clarified, and strengthened through the challenges and experiences of our lifetime.”

  • Remen, Rachel Naomi Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal (p.325)

My Rating - Fivestar

As the subtitle suggests, this is a book of stories of things that have either happened to the author in her own life as a physician and patient counselor, or of things she has heard from her relatives, patients, or co-workers. All of them have a life-affirming message.

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Book Review – List Book – Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future by Hank Wesselman

“As it was, I sensed that I had journeyed like a shaman in an altered state of consciousness, but my destination was not the spirit world. I had journeyed across space and time to merge with the consciousness of another person, one who lives right here on the earth in ordinary reality, but in a slice of the future that is profoundly different from the reality that exists today.”

  • Wesselman, Hank, Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future (p.54)

My Rating - Fivestar

This is a complex book, although it is not really all that complicated.

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Book Review – List Book – Creating True Prosperity by Shakti Gawain

“Everything in our lives reflects our consciousness. Our beliefs, attitudes, expectations, feelings, and emotional patterns are all mirrored in the circumstances and events of our lives.”

  • Gawain, Shakti Creating True Prosperity (p. 25)

In Creating True Prosperity, Shakti Gawain discusses ideas such as defining what true prosperity means for us, whether what we need is money, time, good relationships, or whatever. She also discusses the mental and spiritual aspects of how to achieve this prosperity.

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