Book Review – New Book – The Hostage of Glenorchy by Kristin Gleason

“Fairies— pah!” said Alex. “Iain is clever and strong. He could outwit anyone. I bet he climbed out the window and swam across the loch. And then he made his way through the heather and is long gone now.”

“Climbed down the castle walls? Dinna be daft,” said Aileen. “Iain is aye a braw mannie, but nae one man could do that. Not without help.”

Gleeson, Kristin. The Hostage of Glenorchy (The Highland Ballad Series Book 1) (Kindle Locations 2737-2740). An Tig Beag Press. Kindle Edition.

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Book Review – From the Kindle Collection– Dragonlands Omnibus by Megg Jensen

“There was only one problem. Tressa still wasn't sure she could trust these men. She'd been told many lies in the past, and at first she'd been willing to believe all of them. Now, she had to be skeptical of those who told her what she wanted to hear— and there was nothing she wanted to hear more than that a long-forgotten army was waiting to help her in her time of greatest need.”

Jensen, Megg. Dragonlands Omnibus: Hidden, Hunted, Retribution, Desolation, and Reckoning (Kindle Locations 16437-16440). 80 Pages, Inc. Kindle Edition.

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Book Review – New Book – Golden Age by James Maxwell

My Rating - Fivestar

When the king of Ilea decides to invade the kingdom of Xanthos because the king of Xanthos’ adviser has betrayed the kingdom to him and the kingdom of Phalesia because he wants to capture their Ark of Revelation in order to melt it down for gold with which to gild the pyramid tomb he is building for himself, it is up to Chloe, daughter of the First Consul of Phalesia and Dion, second son of the king of Xanthos to stop him and save their kingdoms.

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Book Review – List Book – The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer

My Rating - Fivestar

“Perhaps it will help too if the erring governments and the wondering people of this world will remember the dark night of Nazi terror and genocide that almost engulfed our world and that is the subject of this book. Remembrance of the past helps us to understand the present.”

Shirer, William L., The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany (p. 1147). Thirtieth Anniversary Edition, Hardcover

No book about any phenomenon as massive and complex as World War II can begin to describe all the aspects of it.

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Book Review – List Book – Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey

My Rating – Fivestar

I noticed that some of the other reviews were down on this book because they said there were better books on the psychology of mind. That is possible, but I have not read any of them.

The authors talk about the difference between the analytical or processing mode of thought and the free-flowing, in-the-moment mode of thought they equate with mental health. Read More