Book Review – New Book – The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

My Rating – FivestarThis book actually consists of a series of novellas that are prequels to the Throne of Glass series. However, there is an overarching plot to the five novellas that leads us to discover why and how Celaena Sardothien wound up in the Endovier labor camp. There is a lot of action, young love, and betrayal. This is a good introduction to the Throne of Glass series, but may be even better read after the initial book. Read More

Book Review – New Book –The Melding of Aeris by D. Wallace Peach

My Rating – Fourstar

How would it be to live in a culture where the fashionable idea of beauty is the skins of various animals, in artistic or functional patterns, melded to become a living part of your own body? And what might the consequences of this be? In this fantasy/coming of age novel, D. Wallace Peach tells the consequences for one young man and some of the friends he makes after discovering at least two layers of these consequences. Read More

Book Review – List Book – Kim by Rudyard Kipling

My Rating – Fivestar

Young Kim lives like a street urchin in the Indian city of Lahore, occasionally engaging in small spy missions for Mahbub Ali the horse trader in exchange for small amounts of money. One day, on the steps of the Museum the locals called the Wonder House, he meets a Tibetan lama and decides, after hearing him talk with the curator of the museum for a while to become his disciple. Read More