Book Review – New Book – The Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao

My Rating – *** Threestar

It’s like Harry Potter meets Monty Python. This is the fantasy story of really, really out-of-place Murgatroyd Floyd, aka Shwet Foo, and how he meets up with people who want to send him on a ‘quest’ in a place called the ‘More Known World’. Murgatroyd finds the glimpses he has of it more welcoming and homelike than anything he has experienced in the ‘Known World’ (the regular world), but he has a hard time getting away. Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody.  Thanks for following the blog these past few months.

Next year looks to be an exciting year.  Hopefully The Hope of Argentan will be ready for publication sometime next year.  It still needs input from some reading partners.

Meantime, there are some interesting new books coming up for review in January. Read More